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Irony Alert: JPMorgan Gets Sued for Bitcoin Fraud

Bitcoin is a fraud that will ultimately blow up, according to JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon, who said the digital currency was only fit for use by drug dealers.

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Their CEO called Bitcoin a fraud and compared it to the tulip media.

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In an interview with Fox Business Network, JP Morgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon admitted that he regrets calling Bitcoin a fraud.

Jamie Dimon Admits He Regrets Calling Bitcoin A Fraud

Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase Claims Government Will Take Control Of.

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The CEO of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon has denounced the bitcoin cryptocurrency as a fraud, bound to fail.When 95% of all cryptocurrencies are gone Bitcoin will still.

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At a banking industry conference yesterday, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon denounced bitcoin as a fraud and a bubble.

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Dimon made his comments — and caused Bitcoin to go into freefall — J.P. Morgan traders scooped up massive.Bitcoin prices tumbling after remarks at two different events in New. it Bitcoin or was it JP Morgan that was bailed out.

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Home Cryptocurrency Bitcoin JP Morgan internal Cryptocurrency. stated that they believe that cryptocurrency is actually a fraud.

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